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About Us

   First of all, I have to say I love equipment, and selling is my passion !!!  I love dealing with the people. We live in an amazing world that is mostly full of good people, contrary to the 11:00 pm news!!!!!!!!

   Secondly, GPS equipment is a big part of today's operations, and I absolutely love the challenge of getting a GPS package set up, and then seeing the technology at work.   

       At Across Border Equipment I strive continuously to get only the very best and highest quality equipment  for resale.

   Of course, I always try to be the most competitive in the industry as well, but I will not sacrifice quality for price !!!

  In the end, this will just bite both the customer and myself in our asses.

   Here are some of my dad's "wise old sayings" that I try hard to live by in this business.

        " You usually get what you pay for "

      " Quality normally comes with a price "

  " Don't always be the cheapest, but be the best "


     To our customers of past deals...Thank You!!!!!

     To our new customers ...Welcome!!!!!


   May good luck be with us all

   Paul Metzger (President)

   Across Border Equipment 2013 Ltd



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