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Combine Corn Heads


2002 John Deere 893 Corn head, 8 row 30 in., hydraulic deck plates, AHH sensors, Contour Master back shafts, oil bath,  knife rolls, good chains......field ready....VERY SHARP !!!

   Asking   $ 21,900.00

2010 New Holland model 99C chopping corn head, single point hook-up, Headsight,  8 row 30 in., Field Tracker shafts, very similar to JD chopping head, individual row chopper gear-box disconnects, hydraulic deck plates, knife rolls, nice local head,



John Deere model 693 corhead, 6 row 30 in., oil bath, hydraulic deck plates, knife rolls, Contour Master backshafts,      very nice local head.........

     Asking   $  15,900.00

John Deere 893 corn head, Low tin, 8 row 30 in., cob-saver, oil bath, Contour Master backshafts, very good shape mechanically, 

   Header cart is NOT with it.............

         Asking   $   8,900.00 obo

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