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 2013 John Deere S660, folding big top, 1,280 sep hrs, Harvest Smart, 20.8x42 Duals, HD lift cylinder package, long unloading auger, Contour Master, Corn/Bean` package, Premium lighting package, single point hook-up, small wire and round bar concaves,   
 Very Nice...  $ 215,500.00 OBO
1996 John Deere 9400 2wd combine, 2 owners since new, 2,580 sep hours, big motor, ASI every year, big top, ready for the field....very very clean and nice !!!  
$ 45,000.00
 1984 John Deere model 6620 Turbo, Original paint, NEVER SAT OUTSIDE UNTIL I GOT IT....only 3 owners since new, kept up to date better than some 5 year old machines, 6,070 engine hrs, 4 speed hydrostatic drive, 2 wd, rear wheel weights, AC works good, cylinder slow-down kit to do edible beans, good machine.... This is the nicest 6620 you will see in a long time !!!!!!!!!! Mechanically very nice and field ready!

Things updated on it at 4,800 hrs in 2007:

- rebuilt left final drive

-new chains and sprockets on straw walker drives

- new updated vertical unloading auger

- new 24,5x32 radial 23 degree tires ( these tires are $ 3,000.00 each )

- new sieves

Things updated on it in 2008:

-New air foil sieve

- new feeder house floor

Premier Equipment Ltd. updates in 2010:

- Main shaft and bearing from engine

- new drive belts and guides

    2012 updates:

-  front straw walker boxing

   2014 updates:

- new rasp bars

- cross shaft bearings on auger drives

    2015 updates:

- new feederhouse chain with Teflon or plastic slats

- cross shaft and gears on auger drives

    2016 updates:

- used hydraulic pump from Home of Spare Parts

- new rear tires

    2018 updates:

- air conditioner system ( new dryer and a flush ) from Country Air at 6,045 hours

- new left tie rod end

- new hydraulic oil

- new filters -

new rear axle pivot bushings

- 4 new drive belts on right side

   Always had Rotella 15W40 oil and JD filters

Try your offers  $ 14,900.00
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