Corn Planters

John Deere 1750 units, 6x30, 3 bushel hoppers, Vacuum, Till-Tech cart with John Deere dry fertilizer w/ single disc openers, 800 gallon liquid tank with Red Ball system, single disc liquid fertilizer openers, 250 monitor, fertilizer cross auger, HD down force springs....

   This is a unique 2 owner Ontario planter...You can put dry and 28% down at the same time.....

                    ASKING   $ 22,900.00

John Deere 1770 Conservation corn planter, Vacuum, Greenstar, Precision meters, 12 row 30", Flex-frame, front fold, new Keeton seed firmers, Liquid fertilizer with JD pump, flat-fold markers, 1.6 bushel, Greenstar brown box, 

gone through shop and ready to plant, very nice....

          Asking $ 45,900.00

Corn Planter Parts & Misc

      Heavy Duty Salford Coulter Caddy

- off JD Planter

- in the 3 pics to left it's still mounted on the planter

- 18 complete Salford RTS coulter units (3 per row)

- separate hydraulic lift

- fits any brand 3"x7" or 7"x7" frames

- frame is built up and over hitch

     New Salford coulter units are $ 900.00 each

            Asking   $ 5,900.00  make offer


                 Trash Whippers

- 6 Yetter trash whippers...very nice

         Asking  $  200.00  each obo