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                        Field Cultivators & Soil Finishers


John Deere 2210 field cultivator, floating hitch, Accu-Depth, 50 ft wide, 3 bar flex-harrow, 6 inch shank spacing, knock-on tips, tandems all around, mechanically very solid unit !!!!
            Offers  $ 69,900.00


 Kongskilde model 3800 cultivator, 32 ft wide, 4 inch shank spacing,  HD 2 piece S-tines, 8 stud wheels, HD double rolling harrows, also included Remlinger 3 bar flex/spike harrow with mounting frames already installed (on skids for now)....

             Asking  $ 29,900.00

Wil-Rich model 3400 Mulch-Finisher, 25 ft wide, 7" sweeps, C-shank, Salford double rolling harrow, newer discs on front, tandems all around.................


       Asking  $ 10,900.00





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