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                                 Air Seeders and Drills


John Deere 1850 Air Seeder, 30 feet, 7.5" spacing,   new blades and boots, brand new Xapta towers, good depth gauge tires, low acres, all-run blockage sensors, front rank lock-up......

 Flexi-Coil 1720 air cart, 2 tanks, never did much fertilizer, good tank meters, good hoses, good fan, modern monitor......

      This was a local 2 owner unit, and it is tight and  MINT !!!! It needs nothing to go to the field......

    I can train you how to run it.......

      Asking   $ 54,900.00 obo



John Deere 1590 drill, newer Alpine liquid kit (4 or 5 yrs), weigh scale, 2 pt hitch, Yetter flat-fold markers, new boots and blades, brand new grass seeder, loaded ....loaded... nice local trade........

        Asking  $ 59,900.00

1995 John Deere 750 drill, 2 pt, Yetter markers, New boots and blades, liquid fertilizer with new pump a year ago and new Redball indicator system, rear wheel disconnect clutch, very nice... can easily add grass seeder for $ 3,000.00

  This drill has Keeton seed firmers which is rare. I also have old normal seed firmer wheels....You pick.

    Asking     $ 29,900.00

2012 Sunflower 9412 drill, markers, 15 ft x 7.5 inch spacing, 1 local owner, 2,600 acres since new,  Grass Seeder......Nice tight drill !

    Asking     $ 41,900.00

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