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   Tractor,Planter, Drill,Miscellaneous Parts   Etc

 Hydraulic Conveyor

 This unit is hydraulic driven and has a swivel base thats still attached, 2 feet wide, 17 feet long, good rubber belt...came off sweet corn picker with minimal use.......

                Asking   $ 1,900.00 OBO

  Hydraulic Pto 

 good for grain buggy or manure tankers etc, large 1000 hydraulic drive pump, came off a 1100 bushel grain buggy, tractor was a New Holland articulator with no pto.....

         Asking  $ 2,900.00 OBO

Under construction from here down

      Heavy Duty Salford Coulter Caddy

- off JD Planter

- in the 3 pics to left it's still mounted on the planter

- 18 complete Salford RTS coulter units (3 per row)

- separate hydraulic lift

- fits any brand 3"x7" or 7"x7" frames

- frame is built up and over hitch

     New Salford coulter units are $ 900.00 each

            Asking   $ 5,900.00  make offer


                 Trash Whippers

- 6 Yetter trash whippers...very nice

         Asking  $  200.00  each obo

- 2 JD yellow tanks, 110 gallons each, with mounting frames and cradles, came off JD 6 row 

     Asking   $  500.00 each obo

- 1 JD yellow tank, 110 gallons

- 2 white tanks, 110 gallons each

   All tanks are brightly coloured yet........

        Asking  $ 250.00 each obo

- tank mount for rear centre of JD 12 row flex-frame planter

 Asking  $  400.00  make an offer

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