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Grain Buggy & Wagons



Kilbros Grain Buggy, 575 bushel, tarp, lights, 24.5 x 32 Radials, good shape, cheap......

      Asking   $ 13,900.00

Killbros Gravity Box, VERY heavy duty, 560 bushel, tarp, lights, brakes, nice unit.....

    Asking  $ 11,500.00 make an offer

2015 Demco 650 grain buggy, 650 bushel, tarp, lights, hydraulic swivel spout, 30.5x32 Radial tires ....really nice local unit.......


  Asking $ 25,900.00  

A&L grain buggy, 450 bushel, folding auger, 2 cameras and screen, nice solid buggy yet.....


           Asking $ 6,500.00 obo

RJ 500 bushel gravity bin, HD Horst 20T gear, JUST TRADED


local trade, HD Horst running gear with square beam reaches, tarp, lights,  

                            Asking  $ 7,900.00 obo

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